Tired, but still out and having fun blowing girls out

FR: 5/17/13

Had a pretty chill night. Did a few approaches, but definitely need to up the tempo.

I did give myself a bit of a break however. I was up until about 3-4am the night before; woke up at 8am to drive to SD and then go to work for 9 hours. Took an hour nap to get a refresher and went out about 11pm.

Got to the club and saw a pretty sex chick that made eye contact with me, but didn’t approach.

Met up with friend and stood around a bit. Had a cigarette and then hung around a bit. I’ve been pretty good at not putting myself into a bad headspace. Not trying to force myself into taking action and not taking action. Pretty bad place to be.

Instead, just kind of hung out and relaxed. Girl that I met a couple weeks ago saw me and chatted me up a bit. Put me into a more chatty mood.

Walked around alone and saw a cute girl walk by. Tapped her shoulder and put my arm around her. Super on. I talk and dance for a little and then walk her four feet away or so. Super compliant. Drag her off the dance floor to go sit. Chat her for a bit and she says that she needs to find her friend. We go hand in hand and I go for makeout couple times; not down.

She’s really cute, but has a bit of chub and I decide to move on.

I hang around a bit more; don’t really approach for a while. When I do approach I am pretty fucking money and everyone loves me. Because I really don’t care; I’m beginning to be pretty good at removing the filter.

I was having a lot of fun opening girls just to blow them out. I would ask where they’re from and repeat it, make a disgusted noise and beckon for them to leave.

I felt powerful. LOL. It was pretty fucking hilarious.

The funnier part about it was that it was hooking sets. I did it to solid 9 Canadian with fake tits and blonde hair. Hooked pretty hard. I’m beginning to also realize that a lot of people don’t remember the stupid things you do either. I was having too much fun with it and it started getting a little weird. Saw the blonde and did some weird shit and got a dirty look, but I saw her on the street and it was pretty on. Shoulda followed her to her hotel, but I didn’t.

Anyways, I hit shit up on the street some more for a while after the club was over. Probably only approached like 6-7 sets the entire night; had fun though. Definitely need to hit more sets up in the night.

Getting ready to go out tonight; didn’t really feel like writing this, but did anyways. Just in case you were wondering why this write up was so shitty. J

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