Tired, bored, and not motivated

FR: 5/10/13

This was probably one of the gayest nights out yet. After club ended, when normally I’d be beasting right outside the club, I decided to go home and have an internal battle about whether to go to bed or go out.

I think a lot of it has to do with lack of sleep, but also because of boredom and not taking enough action.

The night started with not approaching right away. Took maybe like 30 minutes or so for me to make my first approach. First approach went pretty awesome, but was pretty boring.

However, I felt better and into a more social vibe. I hit up sets pretty quickly first set to keep momentum going. I did maybe 10 sets or so and then suddenly lost motivation to approach.

Didn’t really feel like talking; at all. I kind wanted to just go home and go to sleep. Didn’t really have bad thought patterns, just didn’t want to talk and was tired.

After the club closed, I went home and went straight to my bed. I felt like I was being a pussy bitch, so I hit up friends to see where they were at. I decided that if anyone hits me back, I’ll head out again.

One eventually did so I met up with him. Still felt the same as before, if not worse, and didn’t have motivation to talk at all.

I approached a couple of girls, said like 3 words and then let my wing take over and walked ahead of them. No motivation to socialize at all. Felt a little burnt out.

Went home shortly after. Had a conversation with my drunken roommate about it and then went to sleep.

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