This one’s gonna be short

Got out a little late because I wanted to show face at a friend’s birthday party. It’s funny how once you start to get really passionate about something, you kind of start to ostracize yourself from the friends you used to hang out with all the time. I went on a trip to Florida with the friends I saw last night back in February and I haven’t seen them since. It’s not like I didn’t want to hangout, it just that it would remove time from beasting – and then plus all the other obligations I have: work, school, etc.

So I roll out to Hardrock alone as my roommate and other friend are both already there. Meet up with other friend (we’ll call him W) almost immediately. W and I head to the bathroom. Now the bathroom in Hardrock is in the hotel lobby, which sometimes can be an awesome spot for beasting.

After leaving the bathroom, I see a group of about 8 sexy Mexican girls. I open one of the hottest and it seems pretty on. W hits up a couple of the other ones.

Apparently they are looking for a bottle of liquor and W tells them he can lead them there. We talk them into following us and we pull outside of Hardrock to a connivence store by my loft. When we get there, we find out they don’t sell liquor. Girls find out that there’s a Ralph’s a couple blocks away.

We herd them to the Ralph’s. They buy liquor and proceed to drink in the street. Such a fucking mess. 8 sexy (7.5 to 9s) arguing, confused, and drinking bottles of Sky vodka in the middle of the street. So not solid, but we did it for the adventure. We try to talk them into drinking at our place. A couple of them are down, but its getting a bit late and others just want to go back to the club and drink on the way.

W tells them they can’t bring the bottles back into the club and talks them into leaving it at my place. They finally agree and I now have a free bottle of vodka.

When we get back to Hardrock, they blow out pretty fast. Super stimulated and all over the place. I wasn’t really leading and had a bit of a followers mentality during the whole interaction and when I got in the club, it continued. Was in such a bad headspace. Didn’t approach at all from the start (which I should have), and when I did push out an approach it was half ass and I was blown out immediately.

This continues for a bit. I head up to float alone because W is in set and seems to go good. I get up there and don’t really do anything. Head back down. Run into W and we walk around, stand around for a bit, and not do much. He makes a couple approaches and I just stand around like a fucking faggot.

Around 1am I ask if he wants to hit up Stingaree. We don’t end up leaving Hardrock until about 1:15am. We get to Stingaree and the bouncers let us in to my surprise.

I’m in a new environment and I make the choice not to ruin the fact that my state is now back up to baseline. I hit shit up immediately. I get excited and sets go well. I’m putting out a better vibe. I decide to hit shit up left and right. State starts to rise. Bad headspace defeated.

I hit shit up until the club closes and then hit shit up some more outside the venue. With lack of sleep the past few days and working, I get a bit of a state crash around 2:30am and decide to just head home. Streets were pretty dead anyways.

*********Things to take from this night:

  1. First of all, its probably a waste of time to try and pull 8 girls. Cluster fuck to the max, but if you’re going to do it, make sure to take charge and don’t just be a follower.
  2. When in the club hit shit up immediately upon entering. Don’t wait; it will turn into a downward spiral and will be harder to break out of. Even if you end up spiraling down, still hit shit up. Ignore the thought patterns causing you to not approach. Some of the patterns that cause me not to approach: She’s fat/ugly/etc. She’s with her friends. It’s too crowded here. She’s with a dude. I have nothing to say. Too much effort to talk over the music.
  3. I didn’t really get into a social mode at all. Did not make a transition to my extroverted self and it seemed as if it was impossible. The lesson here is to have faith in the process. That once you start being consistently social and become comfortable with self-amusing, the extroverted, awesome self will come out. Trust in the process.
  4. Lastly, being tired can have a pretty big effect on your desire to hit shit up as hard. First night out, I was fully reseted, and everything was pretty smooth and extremely awesome. Last couple nights it’s been a slower progression to peak state, but the key is to push a little harder and continue to have faith in the process and that you will reach awesomeness. Don’t judge your beginning of the night approaches AT ALL. Laugh and smile.

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