Short and sweet night

Short and sweet; the theme of tonight. Had to read two chapters of my Econ book and take an online test. Finished about midnight, changed and headed out.

Got to Hardrock and there were a massive amount of dudes in suits. I guess there was a Urology conference in town. Not many hot girls (excuse), so I headed out to the next venue.

Met up with my roommate and a couple dudes on the way to next venue: Barely Mash.

At the entrance, my roommate hit up a three set that was just leaving. One was down, the rest were a bit cunty. I tried to wing for him, but they just weren’t down at all. I left him and went back inside.

Walked around a bit, but again, massive amount of dudes. Found a group of cute girls with a couple dudes. Just so happens that my roommate is talking to one of them. I approach the two that on their own talking to each other. Initially the first one ignores me, but I introduce myself and she turns back around and introduces herself to me as well.

I turn to the second one and realize that she is way hotter (superficial 9 – fake tits, etc. –  she’s a bottle service girl at a new club in town). I introduce myself and focus attention on her. We chat for a bit until she has to go to the bathroom. I grab her number and tell her I’m gonna find my friends.

Next set is a Ukrainian girl form Seattle. Pretty sexy. I thought she was Asian at first and was pretty excited to find out she wasn’t. I talk a bit and everything goes awesome.

Favorite part of the night was while talking to her and some faggot comes up to us and tells me I should buy her a drink. I just look at him, laugh, and say, “You should buy her a drink.” Dude responds: “You’re talking to her, you should buy her a drink.” I just stare at him and laugh: “You’re funny man.” Ignore and back on girl. Faggot leaves.

After this set, I’m pretty tired and decide to call it a night. Did not reach a high level of state, but I had fun, talked to some girls, and was able to work the waffle.

Fun night. Time to get some sleep. Have another test and some homework to do in the morning before work. Will be nice to actually get a full nights rest.

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