Pool party, not doing much, and a mini rant

Went to Intervention on Sunday. For those of you that don’t know, it is a ‘pool party’ at the Hardrock hotel. Pool is super small, it’s nothing like the ones in Vegas. It still pretty sick though, lots of room for the dance area, etc. It’s just that the pool is super small.

Wasn’t really in the mood for socializing. Didn’t want to really talk to anyone or open any girls. Can’t get in the event after leaving, so there wasn’t really any room for pulling unless you’re ready to leave.

Choded around for most of the time, helping when I could, and opening a couple when I felt like it.

Talked to maybe 3-4 girls total over a period of 4 hours haha. Such a waste of time.

Days like these make you look back like, WTF?! Life is so short and to waste 4 hours of your life by doing exactly the opposite of what you want to do. Any why? Because you don’t feel like it?

Wtf kind of pussy, bitch-ass shit is that?!

I don’t fucking feel like talking to anyone! Waaaaaa fucking go home and cry your bitch ass to sleep and jerk off with your tears. So fucking stupid.

My brain isn’t working and I don’t know what to say… Errrr… derrrr fuck head. It’s because you are fucking tired, you slept maybe 4 hours, got up for Mother’s day to get breakfast with your mom before work, and then went to work for a couple hours. No shit your brain isn’t in a fucking social mood. You are naturally introverted and you need to get socially warmed up.

You’ve been doing this shit for a while now and you know, from past experiences, that you can pull off a 30-minute conversation form the first interaction. It might be dull and boring, but that’s what gets you in the mood to be social.

That’s what gets you into a more self-amused mood. The action brings out the positive emotions. You understand that getting blown out does not matter. Its not a reflection of yourself. And other people’s opinions really mean nothing. Literally nothing.

So what is it that needs to be done? How can we stop wasting our lives and get what you want out of it?

  1. Stop with the bullshit excuses and approach all. Converse with everyone, even the 4s and below. You don’t have to fuck them, but you do need to socialize with them to get in that amazing extroverted mood that will get you the 10.
  2. Stay present. Ultra laser focus on whoever you’re talking to.
  3. Fully commit to every conversation and be completely congruent. Do not try to be your best self, be where you’re at in the moment.
  4. Minimize time between sets; keep momentum up.
  5. Don’t judge, every approach is 100/10
  6. Find something funny in each interaction
  7. Do a little more each approach
  8. Short an sweet in beginning, ground and longer later on



Even though I am a bit frustrated now with how I succumbed to how I was ‘not feeling it,’ I did not berate myself in the moment. I stayed chill in the moment. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself in field because its going make me have negative emotions associated with being out and I’m not gonna want to continue with the endeavor or stop going out and just put me in a worse mindset overall. Berate after the fact and remind yourself when you’re out that how your feeling is just a lie and to use momentum, even if there’s little available to get it going.

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