Not very motivated

Was pretty dead tonight as it is/was Monday and it was raining. I didn’t really want to go out and had a chance to set up day 2s, but decided to cancel them because a friend of mine hit me up to go out.

Was not in a bad headspace at all, just wasn’t very many girls that I wanted to hit up. The first girl I felt the desire to talk to at all, I did. Went very well, talked, hooked, immediately. Chilled out and vibed.

Went over some theory and little suggestions with my friend. Walked around a bit looking for girls to hit up.

Had a beer because it was just a chill night to hang out. Did not lose sobriety whatsoever. Drank it for the taste and not to get over any type of anxiety at all. Came from a pure place.

Probably should have hit up sets just to hit sets up. Did not have an inkling of desire to talk to any of the girls available (maybe sticking point), but might have been a good idea to ‘sharpen the blade’ even though I was not attracted.*

*Noted for future reference.

Headed to Vegas tomorrow.

Going to get a solid 8 hours of sleep, do some laundry, and then jump in my car for Sin City.

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