Night out solo; didn’t follow process

FR: 5/15/13

Went out pretty much solo tonight. My normal wings were in a different part of town and I didn’t feel like driving out there.

I rolled out to the club at around 11:30pm. Ran into a few people I knew, but didn’t hang with them much; just said what’s up.

I hit up a couple different sets, but didn’t stick and didn’t build up the confidence to continue approaching.

Kind of got stuck in my head a bit. The previous post was written after I went out tonight and was a reflection of how I was feeling after getting back home.

Things need to change. I need to approach more and become self-reliant.

I’m going to Hollywood tomorrow to get into Lure; which we were denied entry to because we were stupid and didn’t buy tickets.

Already bought tickets and are going for sure this time; we’re still pretty bitter.

Already wrote this before, but going to copy and paste for reiteration:

  1. Stop with the bullshit excuses and approach all. Converse with everyone, even the 4s and below. You don’t have to fuck them, but you do need to socialize with them to get in that amazing extroverted mood that will get you the 10.
  2.  Stay present. Ultra laser focus on whoever you’re talking to.
  3.  Fully commit to every conversation and be completely congruent. Do not try to be your best self, be where you’re at in the moment.
  4.  Minimize time between sets; keep momentum up.
  5.  Don’t judge, every approach is 100/10
  6.  Find something funny in each interaction
  7.  Do a little more each approach
  8. Short an sweet in beginning, ground and longer later on

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