New Zealand Girl + LMR = No Fucky, Long Night

Got to Vegas in the afternoon. Woke my friends up and headed out to beast a bit. Grab some food and beast. Not much out, but we hit up what we can.

Decide to go back to the room for a nap before heading out to Pure.

We wake up around 11pm-ish and go out to pure. We hit some shit up on the way. Once in, there are a pretty large amount of dudes.

We hit up what’s available, but some seem a bit standoffish. I’m not sure what it was, but remember a specific I hit up and kept plowing, for her to continue ignoring me and even turning away from me, but later in the night seeing me and excitedly reengaging me.

Fucking weird. Anyways, we decided to head out to the casino floor. We find a couple German girls around 12:30am and chat it up for a bit. Show them how to get free drinks, but after showing little compliance, we ditch them.

We head back in after a bit more of hitting up ladies in the casino. I hit a few girls up, but nothing seems to stick. Both of my friends are occupied, and eventually go for pull, and I get stuck alone in the club.

Not always a bad thing, but I wasn’t getting anything to stick and when I would make attempts to open, it wouldn’t hook or anything. Started to get in a bit of a bad headspeace, so I just chilled for a bit.

I would still hit shit up intermittently, but there wasn’t much available and I wasn’t coming off as I should when I did open.

One of my friend texts me that he’s on his way back. He says that he as a four set outside Pure at the seahorse bar. I roll over and grab one of the girls. She’s very unattractive and I notice that she has a ring. I sit and chat to get into a more social mood.

After a few minutes, we bounce out of that set and go by the entrance to Pure. Girls are starting to come out. As they do, we hit them up. The girl my friend had pulled earlier gave him LMR and he was waiting for her to come out the club again.

When she came out, she had a friend with her. Unfortunately, her friend had  a bit of pudge. She wasn’t really ugly, just a little fat. I gamed her and she immediately fell in love with me. She made moves to kiss me, etc. She had a tongue ring, so worst case, I would have let her give me and amazing blow job.

We pull to Bally’s. I actually would have fucked her, but a third cunty, ugly, biter bitch cock blocked both of us hard when we got back to their hotel room. These girls eventually blow out and we head back to the Pure entrance.

When we get back I open a set of Canadian girls. One of them falls in love with me, but her friends drag her off.

A couple minutes later after fucking around in the lobby, kung fu fighting with a friend, I open a cute New Zealander. She’s got pale skin, dark hair, and cute little accent.

I open pretty hard and she’s dragging her friend away saying she needs to get her home. I persist and eventually she stops. She falls in love pretty quick, I pick her up and carry her to a chair, and place her on my lap.

Her friend expresses that she wants to find a guy friend’s room that is staying at Ceaser’s Palace (same hotel as Pute). She makes me promise that I’ll stay here with her friend. I promise and she takes off.

NZ girl stays with me an proceeds to show me pictures of her at XS on stage with LMFAO. She’s adorable and I tease her. She’s staying at Harrah’s, which is right next to The Quad (where I’m staying), and I agree to walk her to her room.

The entire time, she won’t kiss me on the lips. I’m kissing her neck, cheek, and ears pretty aggressively; she’s completely ok with it. I get her to kiss me once on the way to her hotel, but no make out.

We get up her room and we lay on the bet together. I start kissing her next and her collar bone, and move down her to breast. She’s wearing one of those rubber pads over her breast and she tells me that she needs to go take it off.

She comes back with all her clothes off except her panties. I follow suit and take my clothes off as well. Things start getting a little hot as I am rubbing her clit and stick my finger in a little.

I start getting light LMR. I ignore it and continue. Then she says, “I can’t have sex with you.” Again, I ignore it and persist. She starts giving me massive LMR and tells me that I have to go. I pull back a lot, chill out and talk.

I get her engaged in the conversation and proceed to move forward. I get her laughing a lot and relaxed with me. She still gives me resistance. I pull back again. Tell her I really don’t care if we have sex and that I really enjoyed her company.

She’s telling me to leave because her friend is going to come back soon and she can’t see me here. She tells me that she has a boyfriend back in NZ and the girl that is with her is his sister. I change subject, chill back again, and move forward when necessary. Still no go.

I try to get her to come get food with me – I would have eventually went for the pull to my place –  but no go.

I go for last straw and tell her that I’m gay; it won’t count as sex. This is America, since you’re in a different country; it doesn’t count as cheating. I start putting my clothes on, she want’s to add me to facebook, and I tell her that I’ll add her if she has sex with me. Still no go.

As I am leaving ask her one last time if she’s sure she doesn’t want to have sex. She says no and then I ask her if she wants to suck my dick instead, and she says no. LOL, I head out and meet my buddies at McDonalds.

Hit up the craps tables, when some money, and get back to the room to sleep until 5pm next day.

********Things to take from this night:

1)    Hit everything up, even ugly girls/fat girls, and girls with guys. There was not an abundance of women last night and in order to get into state/social mood, it’s necessary to hit up everything.

2)    I am in Vegas, as I hit up more girls and get warmed up, it is important to screen hard for compliance and escalate (shortly after opening), and then go for the pull. Tonight is my last night here and the clubs are open super later, therefore if the pull goes down, but the fuck doesn’t, I can always go back o the club.

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