Tomorrow it all starts…

Going back to the basics. I actually need to start developing and honing in on the skill set rather than just going out and letting it slowly and naturally progress.

I have had a pretty good amount of success, but I haven’t really developed the specific skills needed. The min goals are going to be as follows: developing wit and the waffle (being able to talk and talk), pulling, and f-closing.

I have always had pretty bad approach anxiety and its being handled. I’ve been having a lot of success with alcohol, but its been pretty sloppy and not to controlled.


This 30-day is to get back on the sober horse and actually develop specific areas of focus. First will be the waffle and wit, I won’t focus on pulling, just if I notice it’s on, I’ll go for it. Primarily will be focusing on approaching and talking forever and ever.

I’ll be out tonight, actually trying to work on multiple day 2s, so hopefully something comes through, but the party starts tomorrow!

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