Finally wrapping this up w/bang #5

So I kind of had this blog sitting somewhere in the back of my head, nagging to be finished, so here we go:

The last 10 days of May was a bit uncontrolled. In anticipation of my Northern European tour (which was fucking awesome by the way), I kind of just stopped giving a fuck.

I didn’t go out one of the days and I drank for maybe 3 or 4 of the 10 days. I didn’t approach a lot, but I did get laid.

EDIT: wait…. had to remove the last part, wrote about the wrong lay. LOL, will update later today 7/5/13/.

3 nights backup FRs; 2 lays and some fun

FR: 5/18/13

Hit up Stingaree for Saturday night; approached semi-hard. Got pretty good at flowing and removing the filter.

Talked a lot about sex with different girls. Towards the end of the night, as we’re leaving my friend sees a girl he knows. She has a friend; he’s talking to his girl and I roll up to the friend.

I can tell its super on and I offer Jenga after party. I pull outside and drag down the street. My friend and his girl follow.

We get to my pad and I pour a couple drinks. My girl and I dance a little and then I drag upstairs and proceed to insert penis in vagina.

My roommate had already pulled, my other friend left early to try and train my roommate’s girl and failed. My friend that had my girl’s friend banged.

After I banged I came down and let my friend try to train my girl too. Fail.

My other friend let him try to train his girl too and again fail. LOL. 3 train fail. So funny. I was kind of sad though; because when he was trying to train my girl’s friend; my girl came down and walking in on them and dragged her off and out. I kinda wanted to cuddle and put her in the rotation; she was a solid 7.5. Worked out and had a tight pussy, ass and overall body. Oh well.


FR: 5/19/13

Didn’t wanna go out. Felt like I was getting sick. Went out anyways. I let my friend take my phone and call the blonde girl I fucked last Monday and tell her that I wanted him to pick her up, but I was sleeping at the moment.

He was gonna try to fuck her. She agreed and he picked her up. I laid down the rulls and told him that I didn’t want to have anything to do with it. She started blowing up my phone and the whole thing was a big mess.

I ignored her for a while, but she kept calling me. Eventually he dropped her back off and came out to beast.  Wasn’t very motivated; talked to a couple girls and then went home to go to sleep as I had to work at 10 am the next morning.


FR: 5/20/13

Friend of mine invited a girl over that he met the day before and she brought a friend. Friend was Asian and I wasn’t really that into her. I decided to roll out with my roommate and other friend and beast a bit.

Met an older blonde chick on the corner of the street and chatted her for a bit. She seemed super down even though she kept telling she had a boyfriend. She wouldn’t let me kiss her, but I started mackin on her neck and she would moan ridiculously; in the middle of the street.

Her sister was super aggressive, but I calmed her down and some how ended up kissing her on the lips.

Some black dude and I pulled the two girls out to a restaurant. At the restaurant my girl started getting pretty sick and went to puke in the bathroom.

Sister wanted to get fucked pretty bad, she kept telling me to take care of her sister. She’d go with black dude and my girl would go with me and we’ll all meet in the morning.

My girl started getting more sick and got kicked out and started throwing up on the ground outside.

This was my que to leave. I let them all get in a tax without me and took off.

Met up with my friend and the two girls at a hookah lounge called Area 51. Talked to the Asian girl a bit and escalated physically to see how down she was.

Seemed pretty down and got her up to dance. She said she wanted to leave, but my friend and the other girl were just kind of chilling there.

I told her lets walk outside and see if they follow. We get outside and I start making out with her and fingering her. She’s super down and ready. I just need to make it happen.

I tell her lets grab a cab and meet them at my place. She says she doesn’t want to separate with her friend. She tries to call her friend and her friend doesn’t answer. I call my friend; he answers and I tell him to meet us at the pad.

I tell her and she agrees to get in the cab.

We get to my place I drag her upstairs and proceed to put my erection inside of her coital cavity.

I force myself to come when my friend and his girl get back because I didn’t want her to stop and end up not coming during sex. Happened recently. Kinda sucked.

She still wanted more sex so I texted my room ‘choo choo,’ but he was already dead asleep. Oh well.

Tired, but still out and having fun blowing girls out

FR: 5/17/13

Had a pretty chill night. Did a few approaches, but definitely need to up the tempo.

I did give myself a bit of a break however. I was up until about 3-4am the night before; woke up at 8am to drive to SD and then go to work for 9 hours. Took an hour nap to get a refresher and went out about 11pm.

Got to the club and saw a pretty sex chick that made eye contact with me, but didn’t approach.

Met up with friend and stood around a bit. Had a cigarette and then hung around a bit. I’ve been pretty good at not putting myself into a bad headspace. Not trying to force myself into taking action and not taking action. Pretty bad place to be.

Instead, just kind of hung out and relaxed. Girl that I met a couple weeks ago saw me and chatted me up a bit. Put me into a more chatty mood.

Walked around alone and saw a cute girl walk by. Tapped her shoulder and put my arm around her. Super on. I talk and dance for a little and then walk her four feet away or so. Super compliant. Drag her off the dance floor to go sit. Chat her for a bit and she says that she needs to find her friend. We go hand in hand and I go for makeout couple times; not down.

She’s really cute, but has a bit of chub and I decide to move on.

I hang around a bit more; don’t really approach for a while. When I do approach I am pretty fucking money and everyone loves me. Because I really don’t care; I’m beginning to be pretty good at removing the filter.

I was having a lot of fun opening girls just to blow them out. I would ask where they’re from and repeat it, make a disgusted noise and beckon for them to leave.

I felt powerful. LOL. It was pretty fucking hilarious.

The funnier part about it was that it was hooking sets. I did it to solid 9 Canadian with fake tits and blonde hair. Hooked pretty hard. I’m beginning to also realize that a lot of people don’t remember the stupid things you do either. I was having too much fun with it and it started getting a little weird. Saw the blonde and did some weird shit and got a dirty look, but I saw her on the street and it was pretty on. Shoulda followed her to her hotel, but I didn’t.

Anyways, I hit shit up on the street some more for a while after the club was over. Probably only approached like 6-7 sets the entire night; had fun though. Definitely need to hit more sets up in the night.

Getting ready to go out tonight; didn’t really feel like writing this, but did anyways. Just in case you were wondering why this write up was so shitty. J

Hollywood!…. Lure nightclub; sexy bitches; good ratio

FR: 5/16/13

Hollywood is pretty awesome. The dudes that are at the main door are such dicks; not letting dudes in without girls; not letting ugly and fat chicks in. The ratio when we got in was really fucking good.

I want to say that the ratio was about 3 girls to 1 guy. Most of the girls were at least 7s.

I started off a little a little slow. Later in the night I tapped a girl walking by and she smiled and dragged me off to a table she was at; offering drinks and whatnot. She wasn’t the cutest so I decided against staying with her and went off to hit up other girls.

Grabbed a chick and didn’t let her walk off by spewing awesomeness at her. I have her with my arm around her when I see another girl; I grab and open the other girl and pawned the other girl off.

The second girl I opened blew out pretty quick, but I thought it was hilarious and it put me into a good mood.

Started opening more sets. Of the sets I opened, I opened and hooked a 6’4” blonde model. Was her 21st birthday and very first club she’s been to.

Reopened her multiple times, but she was pretty occupied with everything that was going on.

Was having a lot of fun and the night went by pretty quickly. Once the club closed, we were out on the street hitting shit up in front of the venue.

Close to when everything was done, we found basically the last two girls out. Their ride was taking forever and after a bit of persistence, we were able into persuading them into coming to our friend’s house down the street.

Wasn’t really that on. My girl was pretty hot at least an 8. They were in a bit of a pissy mood because their ride never came and eventually took a taxi.

Night out solo; didn’t follow process

FR: 5/15/13

Went out pretty much solo tonight. My normal wings were in a different part of town and I didn’t feel like driving out there.

I rolled out to the club at around 11:30pm. Ran into a few people I knew, but didn’t hang with them much; just said what’s up.

I hit up a couple different sets, but didn’t stick and didn’t build up the confidence to continue approaching.

Kind of got stuck in my head a bit. The previous post was written after I went out tonight and was a reflection of how I was feeling after getting back home.

Things need to change. I need to approach more and become self-reliant.

I’m going to Hollywood tomorrow to get into Lure; which we were denied entry to because we were stupid and didn’t buy tickets.

Already bought tickets and are going for sure this time; we’re still pretty bitter.

Already wrote this before, but going to copy and paste for reiteration:

  1. Stop with the bullshit excuses and approach all. Converse with everyone, even the 4s and below. You don’t have to fuck them, but you do need to socialize with them to get in that amazing extroverted mood that will get you the 10.
  2.  Stay present. Ultra laser focus on whoever you’re talking to.
  3.  Fully commit to every conversation and be completely congruent. Do not try to be your best self, be where you’re at in the moment.
  4.  Minimize time between sets; keep momentum up.
  5.  Don’t judge, every approach is 100/10
  6.  Find something funny in each interaction
  7.  Do a little more each approach
  8. Short an sweet in beginning, ground and longer later on

Dumb foreign bitches and a mini self-rant

FR: 5/14/13

Went out to Typhoons in Pacific Beach. Pretty much the only place in town that is any good. It’s always pretty packed, but always full of foreign exchange students.

I haven’t been approaching very much and I’m not quiet sure why. I’ll talk to the friends of the girl that my friend approaches usually with no problem, but I haven’t been making a lot of moves on my own.

I might hit up like 5 or so the entire night on my own. It’s pretty pathetic. I guess it might be an entitlement issue or apathy to approaching. My brain might realize that if I go out as much as I do, I’m bound to get laid.

I get laid already way more than the average person. I’ve had sex with around 20 girls this year, which is pretty ridiculous.

I also have girls that I can hit up and pretty much get laid whenever I want. The thing is, I don’t really care whether or not I get laid. The main reason that I do this is to build the skill set. My goal with pickup is to be able to go out, have fun, and at the end of the night, if I meet a girl that I’m into, take her home and have sex with her.

I do this as a hobby. I do it because I enjoy the growth and because it’s challenging. For the most part, it helps out in different areas of my life. I said hi and bye to my stepdad the other day when I was at my mom’s house; which never happens. We usually just ignore each other. This is happening because of my self-development through pickup.

Confidence building, etc. I’ve grown a lot in the past year and a half. There was a point where I couldn’t stand in the club without constantly looking over my shoulder; thinking people were judging me for just standing there; without a drink in my hand.

I definitely couldn’t approach a girl. It went from me putting myself in those situations; becoming comfortable; and then finally working the nerve to go out for 30-days straight and saying hi to at least 10 girls a night.

From there I was able to start having conversations with girls for short periods of times. And then have some girls just like me because of me and leading the way to sex. Then I started to learn to stay in set even with it was a bit awkward and start leading.

Finally, I was able to start leading the entire interaction from open to sex. I would go off and on with and without alcohol as a crutch. I would have fun a lot easier with alcohol and I would get laid, not really knowing what I was doing.

Now I’m back sober. Been 100% sober for 15 days now and I’m learning a lot about my style and what I need to work on. It’s pretty fucking awesome. I just need to remind myself that even if I’m not in that stellar mindset, I still need to approach, and the boring conversation is enough; I’ve gotten laid multiple times off of: ‘Hi, what’s your name? Where you from? What do you do?’

That if I take action, I will be rewarded; that if I follow the process my skills will develop. I’m not really sure why I haven’t been approaching as much as I should the past few nights; maybe its because I banged two new girls the other night and its apathy in my subconscious. Or maybe I care what other people think of me.

I don’t really know and I don’t really care; its going to change. It’s about following the process and allowing myself to have fun and not staying comfortable at the base level of happiness.

Life is short and you have to take what you want for yourself.

Anyways, back to the field report. Didn’t approach much; maybe 5-6 sets the entire night, however, I’ve been really good at keeping myself in a positive mindset and not getting fucking negative for no reason.

It’s best, IMO, that you stay positive throughout the night, even if you’re not taking action and berating yourself after the night is over. This works wonders when your wing is having a good night and needs help with friends of their girl.

I winged my wing multiple times throughout the night. Hung out with a group of girls while he took his girl off to another part of the bar.

Also winged him with a semi-chubby girl that had a cute face as he pulled a cute little German to McDonalds. Shit was super packed, so we told them we’d drive them to another McDonalds – which was 20 minutes away close to my house.

After we got food, we told them we can eat and play Jenga at my house a few blocks away. The girls were hesitant at first, but eventually agreed.

We get to my place and it seems pretty on. It actually seemed pretty on from the moment we met them. Both seemed down to fuck. My girl had amazing lips and really cute face, would have definitely let her suck me off.

I showed my girl the view on my balcony and went for makeout. Such amazing lips. OMG. Strong and soft; inside of her mouth was so gushy and soft; I am kind of say that it wasn’t wrapped around my cock.

She said she had to use the restroom, so I let her go. After she got out I had to pee too; so I went.

Now after I got out, things started to change. The girls started getting pretty cunty. My girl was out on the balcony smoking a cigarette; so I went out and joined her.

We small talk for a couple minutes and she seemed a bit reserved. I’m touching her leg for a minute or so and then she takes my hand off her leg and kind of tosses it. I tell her to come cuddle and she says that she’s not into it.

Wtf? Bitch, you are not on my level. Whatever. She starts saying that they should probably go and I agree. I don’t really have time for this shit. I was down to wing for my boy, but it’s getting late, and I have work in the morning. If she’s not gonna suck my dick with minimal effort, I want her gone so I can sleep.

My friend persists with his girl, but they both are not down at this point. Not really sure what happened. I guess state kind of drops, but whatever. I’m ready to get them the fuck out.

I kind of think that both of them had boyfriends and then realized oh shit, we’re about to get fucked right now. And then came to their senses and decided it was time to leave.

We dropped them off and called it a night.

Slump broken with 2 new bangs

FR: 5/13/13

So I decided to set up a day 2 with the blonde girl form Saturday. I text her on Sunday to set everything up and then followed up on Monday to make sure that we were still on. The original plan was to go straight from work, use the excuse to bring her to my place to change, and then bang.

This is how it went down: I picked her up right after work. Parked at my complex. Gave excuse to change and took her into my apartment. The ride to the pad, I could kind of tell that it wasn’t going to go down. She was a little standoffish and I could tell she didn’t remember how awesome I was.

When we get in my apartment, I tried escalating a little and it wasn’t on at all. We hadn’t kissed yet (on the day 2 – we did at the club, but state was pumped and a little drunk, things aren’t as on again yet) and I could tell she needed to warm up to me again.

I changed and we headed to Las Hadas (my favorite place for day 2s because awesome food/drink specials, its right around the corner from my place, and the owners son is a cool as dude – always happy and whatnot).

We get there and shoot the shit for a bit. I turn the conversation sexual and ask her if she’s ever been tied up (she has). The conversation stays pretty sexual, I get her to tell me her favorite positions, some of her fantasies, what she wants to do, etc.

She tells me that she stopped having sex on the first date. HA. I tell her lets pay the bill and head to Ralph’s because I wanna grab a handle of vodka and then head back to my place for some Jenga.

We grab the vodka and head back to my place. We play a game of Jenga and after a little bit, I get bored and lose on purpose, making it seem like she won legit. I take her hand and lead her upstairs to my bed, “Let me show you my kingdom!”

As we’re walking upstairs, she tells me again that she’s still sticking to her ‘no sex on the first date’ rule. Again, I just ignore it. Push her on my bed. Make-out with her; take off her clothes and proceed to put my penis inside of her.

We fuck for a good 20 minutes and then head back downstairs to sing “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake and try to get the dance moves down to “It’s gonna be me.”

I drop her off and then hit up my buddy to go out. It’s Monday night and usually everywhere sucks, but I guess the new club in town brought in Berlin Dash and the club is bumping.

I found out on Saturday that I know one of the main bouncers there and I decide to attempt to get in. Unfortunately the dude is not working and apparently they are at capacity. Oh well, we don’t need to get inside to beast on a bitches. We decide to head elsewhere and return upon closing time.

As we head up, we see a three set at the corner. My buddy opens up two and I take the third. Quick introductions and then she says she’s hungry. Immediately suggest the pizza place right up the street.

I push for it; she’s down; her friends aren’t and try to protest. I push harder; they become down.

We grab pizza with the three girls. The entire time I am building strong report with my girl. She tells me multiple times that she has a boyfriend and that she thinks I’m really cute/awesome/etc., but nothing is going to go down.

After we eat, the two girls my boy is occupying decide to take a taxi. My girl parked down the street and asks me to walk her to her car. She tells me where her car is and starts walking the opposite direction.

I stop her and explain to her what she’s doing (new in town) and tell her that I live a lot closer than her car and that I can just give her a ride.

The entire time, I had absolutely no focus on banging her. My focus was solely on the next step directly ahead. Walk to my place > get keys from house > give ride.

We get to my place and I walk her up, show her around. I show her my balcony and explain the dynamics between my roommate & I (we live in a loft and have certain sections blocked off for privacy).

She asks to see my area and I take her upstairs to my bed. She sits; I lay down and then she follows. We start making out and I get on top of her. She asks me if I have a condom. Of course I do….

Things start getting a little heavier and she starts unzipping my pants and tells me that I should probably get the condom.

I do. She takes off her pants and underwear. I wrap it up and proceed to insert my penis into her vaginal canal.

Half way through fucking (maybe 5 minutes or so in), she freaks out and says that she can’t do it and gets up to put on her clothes.

I follow her around and say its cool, not a big deal. She keeps apologizing and telling me how sexy/cute/awesome I am. I’m like…. Uh derr.

I tell her I feel used. And she continues to apologize and then leaves after gathering her all of her belongings.

Whateves. I get my clothes together and head back out. Still a few things out and about to hit up, but don’t feel as motivated since I just banged two girls. I wing my boy for a bit, but eventually head back home to sleep.

Fun night.

Pool party, not doing much, and a mini rant

Went to Intervention on Sunday. For those of you that don’t know, it is a ‘pool party’ at the Hardrock hotel. Pool is super small, it’s nothing like the ones in Vegas. It still pretty sick though, lots of room for the dance area, etc. It’s just that the pool is super small.

Wasn’t really in the mood for socializing. Didn’t want to really talk to anyone or open any girls. Can’t get in the event after leaving, so there wasn’t really any room for pulling unless you’re ready to leave.

Choded around for most of the time, helping when I could, and opening a couple when I felt like it.

Talked to maybe 3-4 girls total over a period of 4 hours haha. Such a waste of time.

Days like these make you look back like, WTF?! Life is so short and to waste 4 hours of your life by doing exactly the opposite of what you want to do. Any why? Because you don’t feel like it?

Wtf kind of pussy, bitch-ass shit is that?!

I don’t fucking feel like talking to anyone! Waaaaaa fucking go home and cry your bitch ass to sleep and jerk off with your tears. So fucking stupid.

My brain isn’t working and I don’t know what to say… Errrr… derrrr fuck head. It’s because you are fucking tired, you slept maybe 4 hours, got up for Mother’s day to get breakfast with your mom before work, and then went to work for a couple hours. No shit your brain isn’t in a fucking social mood. You are naturally introverted and you need to get socially warmed up.

You’ve been doing this shit for a while now and you know, from past experiences, that you can pull off a 30-minute conversation form the first interaction. It might be dull and boring, but that’s what gets you in the mood to be social.

That’s what gets you into a more self-amused mood. The action brings out the positive emotions. You understand that getting blown out does not matter. Its not a reflection of yourself. And other people’s opinions really mean nothing. Literally nothing.

So what is it that needs to be done? How can we stop wasting our lives and get what you want out of it?

  1. Stop with the bullshit excuses and approach all. Converse with everyone, even the 4s and below. You don’t have to fuck them, but you do need to socialize with them to get in that amazing extroverted mood that will get you the 10.
  2. Stay present. Ultra laser focus on whoever you’re talking to.
  3. Fully commit to every conversation and be completely congruent. Do not try to be your best self, be where you’re at in the moment.
  4. Minimize time between sets; keep momentum up.
  5. Don’t judge, every approach is 100/10
  6. Find something funny in each interaction
  7. Do a little more each approach
  8. Short an sweet in beginning, ground and longer later on



Even though I am a bit frustrated now with how I succumbed to how I was ‘not feeling it,’ I did not berate myself in the moment. I stayed chill in the moment. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself in field because its going make me have negative emotions associated with being out and I’m not gonna want to continue with the endeavor or stop going out and just put me in a worse mindset overall. Berate after the fact and remind yourself when you’re out that how your feeling is just a lie and to use momentum, even if there’s little available to get it going.

Turning shit around, having fun, building compliance and pulling

FR: 5/11/13

So after the night before, I wanted to start looking for answers. I posted a thread on RSDn with the situation and what conclusions I had come to and the goals I had.

When I talked to my roommate and others, they expressed that it was probably down to these three things: drawing state from within, self-amusing, and continual right action.

Drawing state from within and self-amusing can in intertwined. When you self-amuse, you are pinging off of yourself and creating good emotions for yourself and also those around you.

You can also draw state from within and only effect yourself. Basically like thinking of a happy moment in time and reliving the joyous feeling inside your body. You don’t even necessarily have to think of something specific, you can just bring that happy, joyous feeling into yourself.

Continual right action is approaching and keeping the momentum going. It can also by, while in set as well: building compliance, venue changing, pulling, etc. Keeping it exciting in set.

The goals I had for myself is to start working on pulling. It’s been a little over a week since I last had sex and I am starting to get a little anxious. Pulling is the next step before fucking and It’s time to sharpen the blade.

I think the core of my boredom is the fact that I’m getting comfortable. I would approach, stay in set and stay comfortable by not moving the set around, getting a little edgier, building compliance and going for the pull.

With this in mind, I go out with a positive outlook on the night.

When we first get to the club, its pretty dead. I’m just fucking around with my friends. Singing a long to gangster rap, pretending to make it rain on my friend who’s pretending to be a female dancer.

I open a set. Completely relaxed and just having innocent fun. I self-amuse and have fun with it.

I smoke a cigarette. Some short fat dyke asks me for a lighter. I give her one and start chatting with her. Full detachment of outcome, it felt a little different than most of my sets. Felt extremely free.

I got a little taste of how it should be and rolled with it for the rest of the night.

We go upstairs to the rooftop patio. My friend beckons me over to approach a 2 set. I go in first and chat.

We’re there for a good 5-10 minutes or so. With building compliance in mind, I decide to go for venue change to club downstairs.

She agrees and we head down. When we get there, she doesn’t have the proper stamp to get it. No worries, I suggest we roll out to my place to grab drink and come right back.

She agrees and we head out. On the way, we chat and I ask her if she likes Jenga. We get to my place and my roommate is getting dressed with a girl he just banged; is dick hanging out and all. LOL

We wait outside for them to get dressed and then head to the living area.

I’m surprised that she was still down. We play Jenga and I tell her she has to give me a kiss if she loses.

The entire time her friend is hitting her up because my friend left her all alone. TBH, I really didn’t care. I didn’t want to fuck this girl. I just wanted to pull for the sake of pulling.

After she loses, we kiss. I get a little LMR and she wants to go back because her friend is alone and scared LOL. I oblige; she wasn’t that cute.

When we get back I tell her that I have to find my friends and peace her out. I find them a second later and we head down to the club. I’m by the dance floor in a good mood for taking action and a bouncer is passing out those foam light sticks.

My friends grab one and I get one as well. We head to the middle of the dance floor and I start beating both of my friends with the light stick; laughing and having a good time; sword fighting and stabbing

A couple minutes in a blonde girl grabs at my back; like a little pinch/squeeze. I turn around and see she’s pretty cute. I poke her with my stick and grab her hand to dance. We dance for a bit and I make go for make out after exchanging names, etc. Slightly denied, slightly not denied.

I felt pretty entitled at this point. I decide to move her to the patio by telling her its hot, lets go over here. And lead. I seed for the pull indirectly by saying how I live super close and sometimes leave the club to get drinks and come back because the drinks here are so expensive.

I try for the pull after a bit of conversation, but she says later. We go inside and her drunk friend finds her.

Yay, babysitting time! We cherish for a bit, dance for a bit, and then head upstairs to the rooftop patio.

We get there and I try to work logistics for the pull. We cherish and I’m making out with her a bit and getting her horny by biting her neck and lightly fingering her and rubbing her tits.

She’s super into me and really wants to fuck by this time, but still has to take care of her friend, and plus, they took a party bus that was leaving by 1:30am.

As the time starts to narrow, I tell her I have to go to the bathroom and she should come with me. I tell her friend we’ll be right back in two minutes, just gonna go to the bathroom.

She comes and I lead her straight to the elevator (was gonna just pull back to my place). She stops me and asks if I was going to go to the bathroom downstairs and I say yes. She wants to stay up and have me meet her. And then I run by the drinks at my place again. She wants to, but has to stay with friend and party bus is coming in 15 minutes.

I talk a bit more and seed for fucky time at a later date. She basically agreed to fucking. She said she’s extremely single and when I told her she seems like shed be crazy in bed, she said that she’s been told she’s the best others have had. LOL so down.

Anyways, I peace her out and go to meet up with other friends.

Next memorable set we met in the middle of the street at around 3am when it’s a ghost town. I approach and initially get ignored. I naturally found a line that gets them to open while they ignore me, worked multiple times that night:

ME: Hi, hello, I’m Andrew. I’m really nice. Hello.

HER: ignore

ME: I’m nice, I have chest on my hair.

HER: ahahahaha what?? You have chest on your hair. Hahaha *hug*

It’s on. We walk hand in hand and chat for a bit. She says she’s headed over to the friends house and we’re welcome to come with.

We do and chill out for a bit. Meet her friends and chat for a bit. My girl was a little drunk and I don’t see an opportunity to isolate, so I grab number and bounce.

End of night.

******* Main thing is having fun, doing things out of your comfort zone and being a little more on the edge. Also, build compliance and more actively go for pull.

Tired, bored, and not motivated

FR: 5/10/13

This was probably one of the gayest nights out yet. After club ended, when normally I’d be beasting right outside the club, I decided to go home and have an internal battle about whether to go to bed or go out.

I think a lot of it has to do with lack of sleep, but also because of boredom and not taking enough action.

The night started with not approaching right away. Took maybe like 30 minutes or so for me to make my first approach. First approach went pretty awesome, but was pretty boring.

However, I felt better and into a more social vibe. I hit up sets pretty quickly first set to keep momentum going. I did maybe 10 sets or so and then suddenly lost motivation to approach.

Didn’t really feel like talking; at all. I kind wanted to just go home and go to sleep. Didn’t really have bad thought patterns, just didn’t want to talk and was tired.

After the club closed, I went home and went straight to my bed. I felt like I was being a pussy bitch, so I hit up friends to see where they were at. I decided that if anyone hits me back, I’ll head out again.

One eventually did so I met up with him. Still felt the same as before, if not worse, and didn’t have motivation to talk at all.

I approached a couple of girls, said like 3 words and then let my wing take over and walked ahead of them. No motivation to socialize at all. Felt a little burnt out.

Went home shortly after. Had a conversation with my drunken roommate about it and then went to sleep.