Finally wrapping this up w/bang #5

So I kind of had this blog sitting somewhere in the back of my head, nagging to be finished, so here we go:

The last 10 days of May was a bit uncontrolled. In anticipation of my Northern European tour (which was fucking awesome by the way), I kind of just stopped giving a fuck.

I didn’t go out one of the days and I drank for maybe 3 or 4 of the 10 days. I didn’t approach a lot, but I did get laid.

EDIT: wait…. had to remove the last part, wrote about the wrong lay. LOL, will update later today 7/5/13/.

Pool party, not doing much, and a mini rant

Went to Intervention on Sunday. For those of you that don’t know, it is a ‘pool party’ at the Hardrock hotel. Pool is super small, it’s nothing like the ones in Vegas. It still pretty sick though, lots of room for the dance area, etc. It’s just that the pool is super small.

Wasn’t really in the mood for socializing. Didn’t want to really talk to anyone or open any girls. Can’t get in the event after leaving, so there wasn’t really any room for pulling unless you’re ready to leave.

Choded around for most of the time, helping when I could, and opening a couple when I felt like it.

Talked to maybe 3-4 girls total over a period of 4 hours haha. Such a waste of time.

Days like these make you look back like, WTF?! Life is so short and to waste 4 hours of your life by doing exactly the opposite of what you want to do. Any why? Because you don’t feel like it?

Wtf kind of pussy, bitch-ass shit is that?!

I don’t fucking feel like talking to anyone! Waaaaaa fucking go home and cry your bitch ass to sleep and jerk off with your tears. So fucking stupid.

My brain isn’t working and I don’t know what to say… Errrr… derrrr fuck head. It’s because you are fucking tired, you slept maybe 4 hours, got up for Mother’s day to get breakfast with your mom before work, and then went to work for a couple hours. No shit your brain isn’t in a fucking social mood. You are naturally introverted and you need to get socially warmed up.

You’ve been doing this shit for a while now and you know, from past experiences, that you can pull off a 30-minute conversation form the first interaction. It might be dull and boring, but that’s what gets you in the mood to be social.

That’s what gets you into a more self-amused mood. The action brings out the positive emotions. You understand that getting blown out does not matter. Its not a reflection of yourself. And other people’s opinions really mean nothing. Literally nothing.

So what is it that needs to be done? How can we stop wasting our lives and get what you want out of it?

  1. Stop with the bullshit excuses and approach all. Converse with everyone, even the 4s and below. You don’t have to fuck them, but you do need to socialize with them to get in that amazing extroverted mood that will get you the 10.
  2. Stay present. Ultra laser focus on whoever you’re talking to.
  3. Fully commit to every conversation and be completely congruent. Do not try to be your best self, be where you’re at in the moment.
  4. Minimize time between sets; keep momentum up.
  5. Don’t judge, every approach is 100/10
  6. Find something funny in each interaction
  7. Do a little more each approach
  8. Short an sweet in beginning, ground and longer later on



Even though I am a bit frustrated now with how I succumbed to how I was ‘not feeling it,’ I did not berate myself in the moment. I stayed chill in the moment. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself in field because its going make me have negative emotions associated with being out and I’m not gonna want to continue with the endeavor or stop going out and just put me in a worse mindset overall. Berate after the fact and remind yourself when you’re out that how your feeling is just a lie and to use momentum, even if there’s little available to get it going.

Turning shit around, having fun, building compliance and pulling

FR: 5/11/13

So after the night before, I wanted to start looking for answers. I posted a thread on RSDn with the situation and what conclusions I had come to and the goals I had.

When I talked to my roommate and others, they expressed that it was probably down to these three things: drawing state from within, self-amusing, and continual right action.

Drawing state from within and self-amusing can in intertwined. When you self-amuse, you are pinging off of yourself and creating good emotions for yourself and also those around you.

You can also draw state from within and only effect yourself. Basically like thinking of a happy moment in time and reliving the joyous feeling inside your body. You don’t even necessarily have to think of something specific, you can just bring that happy, joyous feeling into yourself.

Continual right action is approaching and keeping the momentum going. It can also by, while in set as well: building compliance, venue changing, pulling, etc. Keeping it exciting in set.

The goals I had for myself is to start working on pulling. It’s been a little over a week since I last had sex and I am starting to get a little anxious. Pulling is the next step before fucking and It’s time to sharpen the blade.

I think the core of my boredom is the fact that I’m getting comfortable. I would approach, stay in set and stay comfortable by not moving the set around, getting a little edgier, building compliance and going for the pull.

With this in mind, I go out with a positive outlook on the night.

When we first get to the club, its pretty dead. I’m just fucking around with my friends. Singing a long to gangster rap, pretending to make it rain on my friend who’s pretending to be a female dancer.

I open a set. Completely relaxed and just having innocent fun. I self-amuse and have fun with it.

I smoke a cigarette. Some short fat dyke asks me for a lighter. I give her one and start chatting with her. Full detachment of outcome, it felt a little different than most of my sets. Felt extremely free.

I got a little taste of how it should be and rolled with it for the rest of the night.

We go upstairs to the rooftop patio. My friend beckons me over to approach a 2 set. I go in first and chat.

We’re there for a good 5-10 minutes or so. With building compliance in mind, I decide to go for venue change to club downstairs.

She agrees and we head down. When we get there, she doesn’t have the proper stamp to get it. No worries, I suggest we roll out to my place to grab drink and come right back.

She agrees and we head out. On the way, we chat and I ask her if she likes Jenga. We get to my place and my roommate is getting dressed with a girl he just banged; is dick hanging out and all. LOL

We wait outside for them to get dressed and then head to the living area.

I’m surprised that she was still down. We play Jenga and I tell her she has to give me a kiss if she loses.

The entire time her friend is hitting her up because my friend left her all alone. TBH, I really didn’t care. I didn’t want to fuck this girl. I just wanted to pull for the sake of pulling.

After she loses, we kiss. I get a little LMR and she wants to go back because her friend is alone and scared LOL. I oblige; she wasn’t that cute.

When we get back I tell her that I have to find my friends and peace her out. I find them a second later and we head down to the club. I’m by the dance floor in a good mood for taking action and a bouncer is passing out those foam light sticks.

My friends grab one and I get one as well. We head to the middle of the dance floor and I start beating both of my friends with the light stick; laughing and having a good time; sword fighting and stabbing

A couple minutes in a blonde girl grabs at my back; like a little pinch/squeeze. I turn around and see she’s pretty cute. I poke her with my stick and grab her hand to dance. We dance for a bit and I make go for make out after exchanging names, etc. Slightly denied, slightly not denied.

I felt pretty entitled at this point. I decide to move her to the patio by telling her its hot, lets go over here. And lead. I seed for the pull indirectly by saying how I live super close and sometimes leave the club to get drinks and come back because the drinks here are so expensive.

I try for the pull after a bit of conversation, but she says later. We go inside and her drunk friend finds her.

Yay, babysitting time! We cherish for a bit, dance for a bit, and then head upstairs to the rooftop patio.

We get there and I try to work logistics for the pull. We cherish and I’m making out with her a bit and getting her horny by biting her neck and lightly fingering her and rubbing her tits.

She’s super into me and really wants to fuck by this time, but still has to take care of her friend, and plus, they took a party bus that was leaving by 1:30am.

As the time starts to narrow, I tell her I have to go to the bathroom and she should come with me. I tell her friend we’ll be right back in two minutes, just gonna go to the bathroom.

She comes and I lead her straight to the elevator (was gonna just pull back to my place). She stops me and asks if I was going to go to the bathroom downstairs and I say yes. She wants to stay up and have me meet her. And then I run by the drinks at my place again. She wants to, but has to stay with friend and party bus is coming in 15 minutes.

I talk a bit more and seed for fucky time at a later date. She basically agreed to fucking. She said she’s extremely single and when I told her she seems like shed be crazy in bed, she said that she’s been told she’s the best others have had. LOL so down.

Anyways, I peace her out and go to meet up with other friends.

Next memorable set we met in the middle of the street at around 3am when it’s a ghost town. I approach and initially get ignored. I naturally found a line that gets them to open while they ignore me, worked multiple times that night:

ME: Hi, hello, I’m Andrew. I’m really nice. Hello.

HER: ignore

ME: I’m nice, I have chest on my hair.

HER: ahahahaha what?? You have chest on your hair. Hahaha *hug*

It’s on. We walk hand in hand and chat for a bit. She says she’s headed over to the friends house and we’re welcome to come with.

We do and chill out for a bit. Meet her friends and chat for a bit. My girl was a little drunk and I don’t see an opportunity to isolate, so I grab number and bounce.

End of night.

******* Main thing is having fun, doing things out of your comfort zone and being a little more on the edge. Also, build compliance and more actively go for pull.

Tired, bored, and not motivated

FR: 5/10/13

This was probably one of the gayest nights out yet. After club ended, when normally I’d be beasting right outside the club, I decided to go home and have an internal battle about whether to go to bed or go out.

I think a lot of it has to do with lack of sleep, but also because of boredom and not taking enough action.

The night started with not approaching right away. Took maybe like 30 minutes or so for me to make my first approach. First approach went pretty awesome, but was pretty boring.

However, I felt better and into a more social vibe. I hit up sets pretty quickly first set to keep momentum going. I did maybe 10 sets or so and then suddenly lost motivation to approach.

Didn’t really feel like talking; at all. I kind wanted to just go home and go to sleep. Didn’t really have bad thought patterns, just didn’t want to talk and was tired.

After the club closed, I went home and went straight to my bed. I felt like I was being a pussy bitch, so I hit up friends to see where they were at. I decided that if anyone hits me back, I’ll head out again.

One eventually did so I met up with him. Still felt the same as before, if not worse, and didn’t have motivation to talk at all.

I approached a couple of girls, said like 3 words and then let my wing take over and walked ahead of them. No motivation to socialize at all. Felt a little burnt out.

Went home shortly after. Had a conversation with my drunken roommate about it and then went to sleep.

Shit-fuck bitch ass bouncers…. Yes, I’m a little bitter

FR: 5/9/13

Drove to LA, from Vegas, to catch the RSD free tour. Left a little early; while Tyler was rambling. Went out to downtown LA to pickup a girl my boy met in Vegas.

We parked right outside “Perch” and my boy called her to come down. He talked her into leaving her friend and going to get some food with him. Plan was to drop him and the girl off and for me to go to Lure in Hollywood.

While on our way to a Mexican restaurant, the girl gets a text message from her friend saying that her roommate/friend was sick and had to go to the hospital. Was really weird and we kind of thought it might have been made up, but didn’t stress too much over it. Dropped her off and headed out to Hollywood.

We we’re told to buy tickets for $20 online, but we thought we were too cool and tried to work the door. We figured worst case we’d be able to just pay the cover and get in.

Stupid us: door man was a dick, the whole thing was unorganized and a large cluster of fucks. Promoters were supplicating to the main dude and dude was a big headed, douche bag to the max; so fake and fragile. It was kind of hilarious.

After an hour or so of persisting, we decided to try somewhere else. We go over to Hollywood blvd and find a hipster bar. The bar was almost pitch black, loud and high energy. The crowd wasn’t my typical crowd and kind of put me into a weird headspace.

I was partially afraid of hitting up a dude with long hair because I couldn’t see shit. LOL. My boy hooked a girl right away and spent a lot of the time there with her.

I stood around for a while, putting myself in the worst headspace of the challenge. Was pretty gay. After a while I finally made a move right before we were about to leave and made my brain transition to: ‘People are generally nice and there’s no reason you are not enough.’

We leave a little after to go hit up outside of Lure. First girls we approach were walking away to their car. My wing hit them up first; I roll up second. Set goes ok, but they are heading home and persist to leave despite our attempts to lure them with weed that we don’t have to an after party that we don’t even have a venue for yet. Ha.

Next set I remember is a little Swedish girl, super cute. I hit up and she is super distracted trying to get her drunk friend away from some creeper dude trying to take her with him. I persist just enough to keep her engaged with me, but not enough to annoy her and blow it out.

After the friend is handled she comes back to me. I tell her that I know some Norwegian: ‘Vil du ha mine barne.’ Meaning: ‘I want you to have my babies.’ I hung with her for a bit and handled her drunk friend’s attempt to blow out. Telling me that if I break her heart, she’s gonna break me.

I told her that we’d be together forever and that I like how she looks out for her friend because she’d look after her while I was not around. Drunken friend disarmed.

Kind of funny: I see Todd in my peripheral and he sends in his boot camp student to come wing me.

The student comes in weak, looking at me for permission and I don’t think he even talked to the girl. My wing sees this dude and brushes him off easily and engages the friend to wing me LOL.

Later another dude is trying to take home my girl’s friend and my girl has me blow him out. I work for logistics and try to work the pull. Unfortunately logistics are not there and I see her off to a taxi.

Hit up a couple more sets. Next memorable set is a tall 9. I roll up super relaxed and very present. She’s facing the way I’m walking from and we make eye contact from about 5 feet away. I hold it and open with a, “Hey there.” Super smooth, present, basic conversation and she’s super hooked.

Her friend is screaming her name right next to her and her focus is completely on me. Doesn’t break. Finally I break the tension after the logistics aren’t there and get ready to bounce. Before I do, she shyly asks for my number and suggests we hang out sometime.

I find out next day when she hits me up that she’s a professional cheerleader for Chiva’s USA. Super hot.

Hit a few more up and then drive back to SD at 3am in the morning. FML.

Surrender Vegas, Tired Bitches, LMR

FR: 5/8/13

Woke up around 6pm, got up, went to Chipotle, and then beasted a little. After a couple hours or so, we decided to go back to the hotel and take a nap before we head out.

Woke back up around 10:30pm and went to Surrender. The venue was awesome! Super large, open area and an abundance of women.

We had a total of 4 guys in total. Two of them hit up a set together right away, another went to the bathroom, and I wandered around a little.

I didn’t hit anything up for a while. I ran into the dude that went to the bathroom and we wandered a little bit. Neither of us were leading and getting things started, so I decided that I should get things started.

I hit up a fat chick to get started and my friend took her ugly friend. We chatted with them for about 5 to 10 minutes before they said that they were going to go find their friends.

Knowing that since I got the first set started, I hit up the next set immediately. It goes well and my wing took her friend. Once that set burns out, we hit up the next. I start getting into a better state; everything I say hits.

We continue to the next set: two really cute girls from Long Island. These two are very reserved and don’t give back anything when talked to. The girl my wing was talking to gets distracted and pulls my girl away. I feel I could have persisted, but didn’t because I felt like I was talking to a wall.

Things started to slow down after this. I maybe hit up like 10 to 15 girls in a row and was getting a little bored with each interaction. I’m  also not creating enough ‘initiative,’ as Alexander from RSD calls it.

I slow down a lot and start choding around a bit. The club closes in an hour or so and I meet back up with one of the initial friends that separated at the beginning.

We decide to hit the casino. Casino is a little dead at this point and we go back into Surrender. We hit up a couple more sets before we head back out to the casino again.

We wait by the exit for girls to pour out. My friend hits up a couple lone girls. Finally this really cute blonde and her friend walk out and I beckon my wing over.

Before we get to them these two dudes approach them. They engage for a few seconds, but seem pretty chode and they obviously don’t know them, so I roll over to blow them out. So quick and their gone.

We hit it off with the girls and pull outside the Casino. They semi-drunk and super energetic/hyper, both young and having fun. Taking pictures, etc., hard to control and move forward.

My girl mentions that she’s hungry and I pull to Denny’s. On the way my girl gets distracted by the Venetian and stops for pictures. This gives my wing a chance to pull her friend away. My girl and I get to Denny’s and my wing and his girl head back to our hotel room.

My girl is sending texts to her friend asking her where she is and come back asap. Her friend tells her that she’s getting a drink with my wing and I tell my girl to have them pour a drink for me too.

She still tells her friend to come back, but then sends a text to say if she wants, and to make us a drink.

Too late, I guess the friend was giving my wing LMR and they were already headed back. We have breakfast, hang out and then when we’re done, my girl is acting like a pussy bitch and making an excuse that she’s tired and they head off.

My wing and I hit up the craps table before bed, lose money and then pass out.

New Zealand Girl + LMR = No Fucky, Long Night

Got to Vegas in the afternoon. Woke my friends up and headed out to beast a bit. Grab some food and beast. Not much out, but we hit up what we can.

Decide to go back to the room for a nap before heading out to Pure.

We wake up around 11pm-ish and go out to pure. We hit some shit up on the way. Once in, there are a pretty large amount of dudes.

We hit up what’s available, but some seem a bit standoffish. I’m not sure what it was, but remember a specific I hit up and kept plowing, for her to continue ignoring me and even turning away from me, but later in the night seeing me and excitedly reengaging me.

Fucking weird. Anyways, we decided to head out to the casino floor. We find a couple German girls around 12:30am and chat it up for a bit. Show them how to get free drinks, but after showing little compliance, we ditch them.

We head back in after a bit more of hitting up ladies in the casino. I hit a few girls up, but nothing seems to stick. Both of my friends are occupied, and eventually go for pull, and I get stuck alone in the club.

Not always a bad thing, but I wasn’t getting anything to stick and when I would make attempts to open, it wouldn’t hook or anything. Started to get in a bit of a bad headspeace, so I just chilled for a bit.

I would still hit shit up intermittently, but there wasn’t much available and I wasn’t coming off as I should when I did open.

One of my friend texts me that he’s on his way back. He says that he as a four set outside Pure at the seahorse bar. I roll over and grab one of the girls. She’s very unattractive and I notice that she has a ring. I sit and chat to get into a more social mood.

After a few minutes, we bounce out of that set and go by the entrance to Pure. Girls are starting to come out. As they do, we hit them up. The girl my friend had pulled earlier gave him LMR and he was waiting for her to come out the club again.

When she came out, she had a friend with her. Unfortunately, her friend had  a bit of pudge. She wasn’t really ugly, just a little fat. I gamed her and she immediately fell in love with me. She made moves to kiss me, etc. She had a tongue ring, so worst case, I would have let her give me and amazing blow job.

We pull to Bally’s. I actually would have fucked her, but a third cunty, ugly, biter bitch cock blocked both of us hard when we got back to their hotel room. These girls eventually blow out and we head back to the Pure entrance.

When we get back I open a set of Canadian girls. One of them falls in love with me, but her friends drag her off.

A couple minutes later after fucking around in the lobby, kung fu fighting with a friend, I open a cute New Zealander. She’s got pale skin, dark hair, and cute little accent.

I open pretty hard and she’s dragging her friend away saying she needs to get her home. I persist and eventually she stops. She falls in love pretty quick, I pick her up and carry her to a chair, and place her on my lap.

Her friend expresses that she wants to find a guy friend’s room that is staying at Ceaser’s Palace (same hotel as Pute). She makes me promise that I’ll stay here with her friend. I promise and she takes off.

NZ girl stays with me an proceeds to show me pictures of her at XS on stage with LMFAO. She’s adorable and I tease her. She’s staying at Harrah’s, which is right next to The Quad (where I’m staying), and I agree to walk her to her room.

The entire time, she won’t kiss me on the lips. I’m kissing her neck, cheek, and ears pretty aggressively; she’s completely ok with it. I get her to kiss me once on the way to her hotel, but no make out.

We get up her room and we lay on the bet together. I start kissing her next and her collar bone, and move down her to breast. She’s wearing one of those rubber pads over her breast and she tells me that she needs to go take it off.

She comes back with all her clothes off except her panties. I follow suit and take my clothes off as well. Things start getting a little hot as I am rubbing her clit and stick my finger in a little.

I start getting light LMR. I ignore it and continue. Then she says, “I can’t have sex with you.” Again, I ignore it and persist. She starts giving me massive LMR and tells me that I have to go. I pull back a lot, chill out and talk.

I get her engaged in the conversation and proceed to move forward. I get her laughing a lot and relaxed with me. She still gives me resistance. I pull back again. Tell her I really don’t care if we have sex and that I really enjoyed her company.

She’s telling me to leave because her friend is going to come back soon and she can’t see me here. She tells me that she has a boyfriend back in NZ and the girl that is with her is his sister. I change subject, chill back again, and move forward when necessary. Still no go.

I try to get her to come get food with me – I would have eventually went for the pull to my place –  but no go.

I go for last straw and tell her that I’m gay; it won’t count as sex. This is America, since you’re in a different country; it doesn’t count as cheating. I start putting my clothes on, she want’s to add me to facebook, and I tell her that I’ll add her if she has sex with me. Still no go.

As I am leaving ask her one last time if she’s sure she doesn’t want to have sex. She says no and then I ask her if she wants to suck my dick instead, and she says no. LOL, I head out and meet my buddies at McDonalds.

Hit up the craps tables, when some money, and get back to the room to sleep until 5pm next day.

********Things to take from this night:

1)    Hit everything up, even ugly girls/fat girls, and girls with guys. There was not an abundance of women last night and in order to get into state/social mood, it’s necessary to hit up everything.

2)    I am in Vegas, as I hit up more girls and get warmed up, it is important to screen hard for compliance and escalate (shortly after opening), and then go for the pull. Tonight is my last night here and the clubs are open super later, therefore if the pull goes down, but the fuck doesn’t, I can always go back o the club.

Not very motivated

Was pretty dead tonight as it is/was Monday and it was raining. I didn’t really want to go out and had a chance to set up day 2s, but decided to cancel them because a friend of mine hit me up to go out.

Was not in a bad headspace at all, just wasn’t very many girls that I wanted to hit up. The first girl I felt the desire to talk to at all, I did. Went very well, talked, hooked, immediately. Chilled out and vibed.

Went over some theory and little suggestions with my friend. Walked around a bit looking for girls to hit up.

Had a beer because it was just a chill night to hang out. Did not lose sobriety whatsoever. Drank it for the taste and not to get over any type of anxiety at all. Came from a pure place.

Probably should have hit up sets just to hit sets up. Did not have an inkling of desire to talk to any of the girls available (maybe sticking point), but might have been a good idea to ‘sharpen the blade’ even though I was not attracted.*

*Noted for future reference.

Headed to Vegas tomorrow.

Going to get a solid 8 hours of sleep, do some laundry, and then jump in my car for Sin City.

This one’s gonna be short

Got out a little late because I wanted to show face at a friend’s birthday party. It’s funny how once you start to get really passionate about something, you kind of start to ostracize yourself from the friends you used to hang out with all the time. I went on a trip to Florida with the friends I saw last night back in February and I haven’t seen them since. It’s not like I didn’t want to hangout, it just that it would remove time from beasting – and then plus all the other obligations I have: work, school, etc.

So I roll out to Hardrock alone as my roommate and other friend are both already there. Meet up with other friend (we’ll call him W) almost immediately. W and I head to the bathroom. Now the bathroom in Hardrock is in the hotel lobby, which sometimes can be an awesome spot for beasting.

After leaving the bathroom, I see a group of about 8 sexy Mexican girls. I open one of the hottest and it seems pretty on. W hits up a couple of the other ones.

Apparently they are looking for a bottle of liquor and W tells them he can lead them there. We talk them into following us and we pull outside of Hardrock to a connivence store by my loft. When we get there, we find out they don’t sell liquor. Girls find out that there’s a Ralph’s a couple blocks away.

We herd them to the Ralph’s. They buy liquor and proceed to drink in the street. Such a fucking mess. 8 sexy (7.5 to 9s) arguing, confused, and drinking bottles of Sky vodka in the middle of the street. So not solid, but we did it for the adventure. We try to talk them into drinking at our place. A couple of them are down, but its getting a bit late and others just want to go back to the club and drink on the way.

W tells them they can’t bring the bottles back into the club and talks them into leaving it at my place. They finally agree and I now have a free bottle of vodka.

When we get back to Hardrock, they blow out pretty fast. Super stimulated and all over the place. I wasn’t really leading and had a bit of a followers mentality during the whole interaction and when I got in the club, it continued. Was in such a bad headspace. Didn’t approach at all from the start (which I should have), and when I did push out an approach it was half ass and I was blown out immediately.

This continues for a bit. I head up to float alone because W is in set and seems to go good. I get up there and don’t really do anything. Head back down. Run into W and we walk around, stand around for a bit, and not do much. He makes a couple approaches and I just stand around like a fucking faggot.

Around 1am I ask if he wants to hit up Stingaree. We don’t end up leaving Hardrock until about 1:15am. We get to Stingaree and the bouncers let us in to my surprise.

I’m in a new environment and I make the choice not to ruin the fact that my state is now back up to baseline. I hit shit up immediately. I get excited and sets go well. I’m putting out a better vibe. I decide to hit shit up left and right. State starts to rise. Bad headspace defeated.

I hit shit up until the club closes and then hit shit up some more outside the venue. With lack of sleep the past few days and working, I get a bit of a state crash around 2:30am and decide to just head home. Streets were pretty dead anyways.

*********Things to take from this night:

  1. First of all, its probably a waste of time to try and pull 8 girls. Cluster fuck to the max, but if you’re going to do it, make sure to take charge and don’t just be a follower.
  2. When in the club hit shit up immediately upon entering. Don’t wait; it will turn into a downward spiral and will be harder to break out of. Even if you end up spiraling down, still hit shit up. Ignore the thought patterns causing you to not approach. Some of the patterns that cause me not to approach: She’s fat/ugly/etc. She’s with her friends. It’s too crowded here. She’s with a dude. I have nothing to say. Too much effort to talk over the music.
  3. I didn’t really get into a social mode at all. Did not make a transition to my extroverted self and it seemed as if it was impossible. The lesson here is to have faith in the process. That once you start being consistently social and become comfortable with self-amusing, the extroverted, awesome self will come out. Trust in the process.
  4. Lastly, being tired can have a pretty big effect on your desire to hit shit up as hard. First night out, I was fully reseted, and everything was pretty smooth and extremely awesome. Last couple nights it’s been a slower progression to peak state, but the key is to push a little harder and continue to have faith in the process and that you will reach awesomeness. Don’t judge your beginning of the night approaches AT ALL. Laugh and smile.

Very slow beginning

Slow beginning tonight. Didn’t transition very well tonight. Was pretty much expected as it was the first night of gaming completely sober. Goal of the night was to not drink at all. This was successful. Felt pretty introverted and unsocial.

Started the night at the loft with the regular homies. My roommate was pretty drunk when I initially got home LOL. We got into a bit of a heated debate about how why I wanted to improve myself and go sober for the next 30-days. He asked my why I want to try to better my game because I was already super money. My response was because I want to bang hot girls on a regular basis.

Now granted, I don’t get laid as much as him because he has a lot lower standards as him. I had to prove to him that at lot of the girls he bangs are not as hot as I want. Multiple girls with chub and slightly unattractive occasionally.

We started the night off about 11pm at Sidebar. Was pretty fucking dead upon entering. Did not approach at all from what I can remember. Just kinda stood around a little anxious while my friends started approaching. After a couple of sets that don’t really go anywhere for them, we decide to bounce to another place.

Headed to a bar that was doing karaoke that was pretty lame. Super dead and shitty singers. Decide to hit up the next bar: Whiskey Girl.

Right outside the bar, my boy opens a set. I immediately follow. Interaction goes well, I’m pretty excited about what I have to say and self-amused. Girl wasn’t that attractive, but just wanted to get myself into a more talkative mood.

Girls are heading to another bar, after a bit of convo, we decide to let them head off on their own. We get in the bar and the first set my friends open is a three set of semi-attractive girls. Their jumping and hollering. I don’t join in and stand about around them. I value scan like a little bitch and don’t find anything to open. *Well I do, but I just make a few excuses not to.

Finally see a girl alone and decide to open. We chat for a bit, doesn’t go anywhere and convo dies off. I dance a little and let her wander off.


After that I still kind of choded out and made a bunch of excuses no to make approaches. Headed back to Sidebar. Immediately went to the smoking patio and hit up three girls with my two friends.Opened pretty nicely and then I just went pretty blank. Stopped talking and just kind of chilled back. One of my friends was running good game as he had probably already talked to at least 10-15 girls. Other friend comes in and pretty much gets ignored completely and calls them gold digging whores.

This kind of causes the girls to blow us out and they head back inside. I chode around for literally the next hour or so. Don’t really talk to any more girls until on of my boys drags me over to wing him. My girl was pretty sexy and I tell her I’m originally am from San Diego. She’s from Turkey and tells me how lucky I am.

I joke around and tell her that I was born on the beach, but don’t worry they laid out a towel. Continue a little humorous conversation and then it just kind of dies and we realize its pull-thirty.

We roam a bit and my two boys hit up a two set. I walk around and see a girl I should have approached that was alone, but don’t. I make a full circle around the bar and see her again. I decide to open. We chat, she tells me her name and where she’s from. This rings a bell. I tell her that I think I met her. And show her a phone number in my phone. It’s hers, we laugh and then dance for a bit.

I take her out to the patio and we chat for a bit. She super sober and her state wasn’t pumped by my awesomeness (which is what happened last time and is why she probably didn’t remember me). I tell her to hang out and I send her a text so she has my number.

She goes on her way. I head back in the club and I feel that I’m starting to transition. I open more sets. Things are pretty awesome. I tell girls that I went to the Zoo yesterday and tried to steal a flamingo. Also tell them about how my friend, earlier that night, tried to steal a cardboard cut out of the most interesting man in the world from Wiskey Girl – to no avail (TRUE STORY).

After the streets die out. We call it a night. Two of my friends pull a couple ugly Mexicans, but I head upstair to write up this field report. And now it’s time for bed. 🙂



Peace out and good night!