I am fucking awesome

Holy fuck. Amazing night last night. So much fucking fun. Absolutely no drinks to get it started.

Three of my boys and I headed out to Ivy rooftop for Thursday night. We get there just before 10:30pm to make guest list, and as always it super fucking DEAD.

Whatever. We hang out for a bit. One of my friends grabs a drink at the bar and I get a water. I see a cutie walk by, but don’t approach. I want to say I was in a, ‘whatever’ kind of mindspace, but I was definitely trying to be a chode. Making excuses that it’s too dead to approach and all the girls are with guys.

On one hand, this is a good thing: pretend that you’re just kind of ‘going with the flow’ and don’t brow beat yourself for not making the approach (while your out), because if you do, you’ll end up putting yourself in an even worse mindspace.

On the other hand, you need to recognize that you really are just making excuses and you’re being a fucking faggot.

It’s a tough paradox to balance: recognize you’re being a faggot, but at the same time, don’t brow beat yourself (in the middle of your night).

Back to the party: got our drinks and friends talk about leaving. I see the girl, that walked by earlier, all alone sitting down in the corner. Now normally, me being a faggot, I would have made excuses that my friends are leaving; wouldn’t approach; and left with the friends.

I am no longer going to be a faggot, therefore, I approached and forgot all about my friends.

She’s from Romania. 5’5”, fat booty, tight waste, cute dimples, lawyer, boxer, very active, and can cook. I wanted to marry her right there. Well, in all honestly I just wanted to have sex with her, but whatever.

We chatted for like 30-45 minutes. I slowly started self-amusing and speaking a little sexual as the conversation progressed.

I checked for logistics, but they just weren’t there and I didn’t want to spend the whole night with her. After almost an hour, I grabbed her number and took off.

Friend’s had taken off a while ago and were at Voyeur. Got in pretty quick. Started talking immediately. Almost every girl I could. I was starting to get amazingly amazing.

Waffle was awesome. Wit was there. I was like a super human. I had a girl tell me that I was intense, ask me if I was on drugs, if I was listening to myself, etc. Funny thing is I was SUPER SOBER. Super in state, just killing it.

At one point, I was talking to a 5.5-6, and just being super awesome. Just to spread the awesomeness, but I get a little weirded out because she likes me a lot and won’t run off with her friend, even though her friend is tugging at her.

****I want to start taking not-so-hot girls and approach hotter girls, then just pawn the not-so-hot off.**** Feel kind of bad though.

I’m in the smoking section and one of my main girls (fuckbuddy),

(photo coming soon)

comes out of the club. She sees me and confronts me. Apparently she saw me talking to a bunch of girls. She tells me how I dissed her, said I was too busy to hang out, blah, blah. I really didn’t know what to say because I was in such a good mood and she was being all negative. All I could thing of doing is laughing and doing funny poses. It made her laugh for a second and then get mad again. Talking all this bullshit to me. I eventually just left.

She might be blown out, but I can probably fix it if I really want sex in the near future. But in all honesty, I really don’t care. Full abundance. Like I seriously don’t care.

Anyways, I continue to hit it up. Everything I say and do is money. I head back to Ivy with one of my friends. Open a Mexican set. One is really hot and she speaks English.

I hit her up and she’s with her cousin. Her cousin doesn’t speak English, so I bust out my white-boy Spanish skills. My wing somehow swoops the hot one on accident and the fucking cousin straight isolates me. WTF? Pulls me back away from the initial hot girl. As my wing is somehow occupying her…

I give it a couple minutes and pretend that I don’t understand what the cousin is saying and make the hot one come translate. We hang out until the club closes, but nothing is going down. They took a party bus and logistics were pretty stupid.

We hit up the streets. I beast hard on this Israeli girl. She’s wearing blue pants. I open with:

ME: Blue pants *points up and down at her pants*

HER: yup

ME: blue shirt *points up and down at my shirt*

Her: yup

ME: Meant to be *points at each other*

HER: *giggles*

ME: *slides in, hugs, careses, and explains how out future marriage is layed out*

Set was so solid, but I was kind of on my own. It was two Israeli girls: one mine, and other was talking to some dude.

The dude on my girl’s friend had another guy friend hovering. He tried to come in on my girl, but he got shut down fast. My girl had a scarf and whenever one of the guys came over and tried to talk to her I would pull the front part of her scarf over her head so her face was covered. So hilarious.

Finally my friends came back and I stole my girl’s friend and introduced her to my friends. Unfortunately, she already liked the other dude a lot so it wouldn’t stick.

I stuck it out to cockblock the other guys and just cherished with my girl until the guys walked off. Intermittently stealing my girl’s friend away from the dudes.

Roamed the streets a bit more. Not much left. Hit up what we could and then headed towards Area 51.

Funny enough, we’re standing on the sidewalk and we see this car jerk forward parked next to the sidewalk. Two girls getting away – jokingly – from a couple guys talking to them through the window.

I look inside, don’t really make out faces and then I hear my name. It’s the Israeli girls. I immediately jump in the back seat. One of my friends follows.

Dudes are freaked out a bit, but are still trying to get the girls out. Keep asking what my friend and I were doing in the car. I told her to tell them we were gay and not to worry.

They try getting us out of the car by asking her to unlock the doors, but I keep hitting the lock. Eventually the girls drive off with us in the back seat. We tell them to just drop us off.

We get to our place and I tell them to park, but they just pull over. Won’t park and we persist for the pull. No go, we eventually get out and walk back to Area 51.

Super dead, head to get some food and call it a night.

Awesome night. Even though no pull. Transitioned nicely.

******Huge lesson. If you want to go in. Go in. You will feel amazing that you did it. You’ll avoid feeling like a faggot and it will start the momentum building. Fuck all the stupid shit in your head saying you can’t. Worst case just say hello. That’s it. HELLO!

Fucking felt amazing last night too. Like I was drunk, free, expressive, but still able to formulate words, etc.