3 nights backup FRs; 2 lays and some fun

FR: 5/18/13

Hit up Stingaree for Saturday night; approached semi-hard. Got pretty good at flowing and removing the filter.

Talked a lot about sex with different girls. Towards the end of the night, as we’re leaving my friend sees a girl he knows. She has a friend; he’s talking to his girl and I roll up to the friend.

I can tell its super on and I offer Jenga after party. I pull outside and drag down the street. My friend and his girl follow.

We get to my pad and I pour a couple drinks. My girl and I dance a little and then I drag upstairs and proceed to insert penis in vagina.

My roommate had already pulled, my other friend left early to try and train my roommate’s girl and failed. My friend that had my girl’s friend banged.

After I banged I came down and let my friend try to train my girl too. Fail.

My other friend let him try to train his girl too and again fail. LOL. 3 train fail. So funny. I was kind of sad though; because when he was trying to train my girl’s friend; my girl came down and walking in on them and dragged her off and out. I kinda wanted to cuddle and put her in the rotation; she was a solid 7.5. Worked out and had a tight pussy, ass and overall body. Oh well.


FR: 5/19/13

Didn’t wanna go out. Felt like I was getting sick. Went out anyways. I let my friend take my phone and call the blonde girl I fucked last Monday and tell her that I wanted him to pick her up, but I was sleeping at the moment.

He was gonna try to fuck her. She agreed and he picked her up. I laid down the rulls and told him that I didn’t want to have anything to do with it. She started blowing up my phone and the whole thing was a big mess.

I ignored her for a while, but she kept calling me. Eventually he dropped her back off and came out to beast.  Wasn’t very motivated; talked to a couple girls and then went home to go to sleep as I had to work at 10 am the next morning.


FR: 5/20/13

Friend of mine invited a girl over that he met the day before and she brought a friend. Friend was Asian and I wasn’t really that into her. I decided to roll out with my roommate and other friend and beast a bit.

Met an older blonde chick on the corner of the street and chatted her for a bit. She seemed super down even though she kept telling she had a boyfriend. She wouldn’t let me kiss her, but I started mackin on her neck and she would moan ridiculously; in the middle of the street.

Her sister was super aggressive, but I calmed her down and some how ended up kissing her on the lips.

Some black dude and I pulled the two girls out to a restaurant. At the restaurant my girl started getting pretty sick and went to puke in the bathroom.

Sister wanted to get fucked pretty bad, she kept telling me to take care of her sister. She’d go with black dude and my girl would go with me and we’ll all meet in the morning.

My girl started getting more sick and got kicked out and started throwing up on the ground outside.

This was my que to leave. I let them all get in a tax without me and took off.

Met up with my friend and the two girls at a hookah lounge called Area 51. Talked to the Asian girl a bit and escalated physically to see how down she was.

Seemed pretty down and got her up to dance. She said she wanted to leave, but my friend and the other girl were just kind of chilling there.

I told her lets walk outside and see if they follow. We get outside and I start making out with her and fingering her. She’s super down and ready. I just need to make it happen.

I tell her lets grab a cab and meet them at my place. She says she doesn’t want to separate with her friend. She tries to call her friend and her friend doesn’t answer. I call my friend; he answers and I tell him to meet us at the pad.

I tell her and she agrees to get in the cab.

We get to my place I drag her upstairs and proceed to put my erection inside of her coital cavity.

I force myself to come when my friend and his girl get back because I didn’t want her to stop and end up not coming during sex. Happened recently. Kinda sucked.

She still wanted more sex so I texted my room ‘choo choo,’ but he was already dead asleep. Oh well.

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